Series : SI-1099/52-800


SANT Suction Guides (SG) are designed for Direct mounting on the suction flange of Horizontal/Vertical shaft centrifugal pumps and are manufactured in vide variety of required specifications, temperature / pressure ratings in different sizes to meet specific requirement of straining application in HVAC cooling / heating water system and petrochemical industries, etc. suction guides are provided with star shaped stainless steel strainer which provides free straining area of atleast 250% of pipe sectional area. A disposal fine wire mesh filter is also installed for start-up cleaning. Suction Guide can be provided with one size larger for In-let piping than the pump suction, eliminating a reducing elbow. In addition, the Suction guide can be rotated to any position allowed by the pump suction bolts from vertical to horizontal, turns the piping 90 Degree replacing an elbow.

Available in Size from 50mm to 600mm with flanged end connection in PN-10 & PN-16 ratings. Maximum working pressure 17 bars (250 psig) and operating temperature 150 Degeree C (300 Degerees F).

Technical Data:

(Temperature & Pressure Ratings)

–                   Maximum Working Pressure                  :                          17BAR(250psig)

–                    Maximum operating Temperature         :                          (300 Degrees F) 150 Degrees C.

Material Of Construction

–                   Body & Bonnet                                        :                            Mild Steel/Stainless Steel.

–                   Flanges                                                      :                            BS-10 Table D / Table E, BS-4504

–                   Strainer(Filter)                                           :                            Star shaped SS-304 with 3mm Perforation X 24G.

–                   Start-Upstrainer                                        :                            Fine Wire Mesh Brass/Stainless Steel.

Salient Features

  • Eliminating a reducer elbow and long radius bend.
  • Maintain Constant system pressure drop.
  • Stabilizing Vanes reduces turbulence, thereby creating optimum flow conditions and minimizing stress on pump components.
  • Replacing an elbow, in addition, the Suction Guide can be rotated to any required position, thereby minimizes space requirement.
  • Reduction in piping works and number of pipe fittings, thereby  overall reduction in installation and operating costs.


SANT (SG) is ideal for HVAC cooling tower systems, processes and Hydronic Heating and Cooling systems, Petrochemical industries, etc.


SANT suction guides can be mounted directly on the Suction flange of Centrifugal pumps, followed by the flow direction. A Boss is cast on every (SG) allowing a supporting pipe-stool to be located under the fitting to prevent stress on the pump flange. Temporarily Start-up filter must be removed following system clean up or a maximum of 24 running hours.