SERIES : SI/102/15-400

GENERAL: The Primary purpose of SANT Balancing Valve is to over come the frictional resistance of the flow of water and effectively  balancing the distribution to each of the multi-circuits in the HVAC saystem.


  • Flow Measurement Orific Double Regulating Valve (VODR).
  • These Balancing valves can also be used for tight shut-off or for Regulating flow.Low Head-Loss and retains a high level of authority.
  • These balancing Valves have been designed for constant trouble free service & easy operation.
  • The valve can be rendered “Temper Proof” with Stem Locking system.
  • Tight closure of the valve is assured by user Neoprene/Silicon/teflon seat insert.
  • The valve incorporating two pressure Test valves which can be connected to a suitable manometer to measure the head loss/differential pressure across the valve.


The valve with complete balancing system. Available in Gun-metal/Bronze /Cast steel from sizes (15mm) 1/2″ NB to (80mm) 3″ NB screwed end connection in ‘Y’ pattern globe valve body with or without pressure test valve cocks. The pressure test valves cocks are provided to permit flow measurement, regulation & isolation. Their primary application is in injection or other circuits requiring a double regulating valve for system balancing. Also available in Cast iron / Cast Steel construction from (50mm) 2″ NB to (400mm) 16″NB.Flanged end connection in standard ‘H’ pattern having a characterised throttling disc with sufficient¬† authority to regulate flow in circuits in-corporating a flow measurement valve. These valves have a unique device which enable the disc to be locked in position with a stem locking system provided to control flow at a pre-determined rate.

The Linkage with position with position indicator embraces a vernier scale for accurate setting opening or closing of a valve position at a pre-determined rate.


These balancing valves are available in PN-16 Rating from 15mm to 400mm NB